Industrial Consultancy

Industrial Consultancy

Armed with Education and Consultancy Services strengths in industry-focused technology and cross-disciplinary and system integration, industry network, AiCi provides businesses with professional information and consultancy services. It creates value-added integration and enhance industrial efficiency for its clients. Its research capacities include six areas of interest, along with observations of economic, industrial, and technical trends, enabling them to continue providing policy recommendations and serving the industry. Through consulting services, AiCi helps its clients create new values, achieve high performances, and emerge even stronger through ground-breaking research and hands-on facilitation.

The AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE (AiCi) was established in 2001 and is dedicated to enhancing industrial managerial skills and professional development. Currently, there are 16 branches in US with the Head Office in Barrie and 10 international partners.

Since its inception, the Institute has helped over 55,000 industrial personals to develop a broadly based education in industrial management skills with a rich and diversified series of programs and sectors from individual courses to professional designation.

Our Clients

  • Domestic Clients
    Partners include renowned domestic companies in semiconductor, information & communications, cloud, big data, biotechnology, healthcare, petrochemical, rubber & plastics, machinery, and financial industries.
  • Foreign Clients
    Partners include major multinational companies in semiconductor, information & communications, machine tools, biotechnology, healthcare, and petrochemical industries.

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